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Described by others as real, approachable and as having a totally unique style Tony & Nicki Vee have helped 1,000's of couples learn the art of living in the ultimate, intimate relationship.


Tony & Nicki have moved from being a board member of a UK public company and an award winning entrepreneur whose innovation once stole the top slot from Richard Branson, to now having a flawless reputation as The Relationship Couple. During the late 90's having both separately got to the top of their game, they realised there was something missing from their lives. Success, fame and fortune had given them a fantastic lifestyle but had left them both with scars in their intimate relationship lives. Individually they set out to find the solutions.


Seemingly then, some universal force threw them together to experience all of what life had to offer including a totally fulfilling marriage and a new life's purpose to share the secrets to living in a fantastic Relationship. As more and more people asked them how they had overcome the difficulties they had faced they began to create a unique philosophy which has now lead so many to experience life's greatest prize.


It all began when they were asked to be keynote speakers at a conference in Dublin, Ireland. Their 3 hour talk caused so much interest that discussions and questions ended some 9 hours later! Their lives changed that day and Tony and Nicki became fulltime presenters, authors and world class coaches travelling extensively as demand for their services grew and grew.


Nowadays they balance their time between speaking at live events, working with private clients and relaxing and creating products at their homes in Birmingham and Glastonbury.  Whilst they feel blessed to be able to help large groups of people through their events, products and media presence Tony & Nicki believe that nothing can replace face to face and one 2 one contact. Yearly they allocate quality time to work privately and confidentially worldwide with a handful of selected clients through their Platinum Intimate Relationship Mentoring. These clients are exceptional individuals who as leaders or celebrities in their field require a uniquely discreet and exclusive personal service. Tony & Nicki's Platinum Service, designed to solve any relationship issues, is the only one of its kind.


Tony & Nicki are renowned for the highest standards in terms of integrity, confidentiality and quality of service. They are known for tackling things head on and can assist in handling any challenges in whatever area of life needs a solution. Their commitment and resolve in helping people find solutions that work long term is 1000%. Their "cut to the chase" style is forthright, honest and guarantees results!

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