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 'Why are ‘Full Body Orgasms’ so Rare For Women?

Relationship experts Tony and Nicki Vee reveal the secret of how women can experience one of life’s most sort after gifts, that of a ‘Full Body Orgasm’. Tony and Nicki joint authors of ‘Multiple Orgasms With Ease and Elegance’ were asked to explain the essential elements that makes ‘Full Body Orgasms’ possible and why so few women experience them! Tony explains how he fell upon the secret by chance, after living in two unfulfilling relationships.


‘My relationship experiences were, I’m sure, similar to that of millions of men living in the western world. It seemed like I was continually searching and looking for sex. I was looking for any way to experience my own orgasm either with a woman or through masturbation. It’s not that I did not get sex, I had more than my fair share, sadly often outside of my relationship. It seemed like this intense continual feeling almost ran my life, no longer had I had sex it seemed very quickly that I needed more. What I now know is what I was searching so hard for, what all men are unconsciously searching for is actually quite the opposite of this and that is an intimate relationship based on unconditional love.’ ‘I had started to consider why did this ‘search for sex’ have such a radical effect on my life and more importantly why did the women I has sex with never experience what I now realise is a ‘Full Body Orgasm’? What I came to realise is that it was all about me. I did not, at that time, have any of the tools. I did not have that all important information that showed me how to stop this search for sex and have a totally fulfilling intimate life.’


So what I asked him is the secret? ‘If I had to choose just one word to describe the secret it would be Certainty. Yes a guy has to give a woman ‘total certainty’, make her feel safe, take away that innate feeling of vulnerability that lives in all women, and then and only then is everything you ever wanted in an intimate relationship possible’. He continues, ‘Nicki always tells women at our seminars a wonderful story; this story reminds them about the dream that they all had when they were little girls. The dream of being a princess in a castle and her handsome knight in shining armour came along on his white charger and whisked her away to be loved, cherished and kept safe for ever.


Nicki explains to the guy’s that this is what a woman is really searching for; that absolute certainty that you will keep her safe and love here forever, look after her, always being ready and able to fight off any dragons that may come her way’. Yes guys this does sound like a really tall order! Sadly though according to Tony unless you are able to meet this metaphorical role you yourself will never feel fulfilled. He says that unless you can offer a woman this level of ‘certainty’ she will never ‘trust’ you enough to ‘let go’ and ‘surrender’ to you, the very place she needs to go to experience fulfilment by having ‘a full body orgasm’. He says that the man will never, unless his woman ‘surrenders’ to him, be able to experience the ‘unconditional love’ he so searches for, his only route to finding his own fulfilment in life.


Tony sums up, ‘So it really is quite simple, the basis of a woman  experiencing ‘A Full Body Orgasm’ let alone ‘Multiple Orgasm’ is all down to her man being in the right place himself, being that man that gives his woman ‘total certainty’. Once I realised all of this it was like magic; I felt totally fulfilled as my woman had deep orgasmic experiences over and over again. Of course I had to learn about her needs and a few more tricks besides, like how ‘NOT’ to orgasm myself because this usually signals the end of intercourse and stops the woman being able to remain in an orgasmic state. I found that the continual search for sex and orgasm and the constant attraction to other women simply disappeared and the relationship between us strengthened to heights I never previously thought possible.’ Once I felt fulfilled by my woman experiencing ‘full body orgasm’ that constant nagging inside me for more sex just left me and I felt for the first time in my life at peace with myself. I realised that my focus and sexual attraction was almost always on my amazing wife.


Nicki explains the secret for women, ‘The secret lies in learning to ‘let go of control’ and in learning the art and it is an art, of totally trusting your man. In other words, allow yourself to get your certainty from him, not yourself. For when we as women are controlling in any way, we will be emitting, albeit unconsciously, male energy and this will feel challenging to our man and will certainly disempowering him. This behaviour in turn kills any polarity in the relationship, diffuses any attraction and will negate with it any chance of ‘Full Body Orgasm’ for you or true sexual fulfilment for him. So Tony and Nicki believe that if you both use these simple tools that ‘Full Body Orgasms’ for women will not be rare at all!






This Article is The Copyright of Tony & Nicki Vee and cannot be published in full or part without prior permission. For further information on this or other articles and their availability please contact: Tony or Nicki at: [email protected]ivee.com


Tony and Nicky teach about living life in the red and the green.  Most people won’t know what that means but let me assure you that I now live my life in the green and would recommend it to everyone!


Doug Young (London)


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