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Article No. 4  

The Individuality Which Brings  Happiness and Fulfilment…

A year ago I was standing on a train, waiting for it to leave the station. It was the fast train from London to Watford and it was packed as it was during the rush hour. There were a few minutes to go before it was due to leave and the guard made an announcement. He said that there was a fault with the engine and that it might be better to change and get the slow train that was leaving in a few minutes from the next platform. There was then, what I can only describe as, a stampede! People dived off the train and ran to the empty train to try and get a seat. As people settled down, a station worker shouted an announcement from the platform. His message was far from clear, but as some people decided to make a mad dash back to the original train, even though they could not hear the announcement, the others just followed!


The funny thing was that I decided to stay on the second, ‘slow’ train and travelled, almost alone, very comfortably, in a great seat!


The irony was that my train, the ‘slow’ train, left the station first and arrived at Watford just ahead of the ‘fast’ train! I watched so many people, complaining and totally stressed out, as they got off the ‘fast’ train.


So, do you think it is possible that if you decided to act differently to other humans that you could get where you want to go in a happier and more fulfilled state? Do you think you could get there without stress? And maybe even quicker!


So, instead of rushing around this Christmas, like other humans will, could you do something different and give yourself, and others, the greatest gift?


Yes, the greatest gift of all, the gift of love! This message is not to say we should not give gifts, it’s saying that you are a gift and that the love you have inside of you is actually the gift. The gift you need to give to yourself first, before you can share it with others, just like they tell you on a plane - Put your oxygen mask on first before you help others….


What we all share is our greatest desire; our desire to be loved, unconditionally. Yet how many of us ‘love’ ourselves unconditionally? How many of us have learned to put ourselves first? Most of us misinterpret these words ‘putting ourselves first’ as meaning, to be selfish and self centred. Well, that’s what the ‘others’ think – are you going to see it differently?


How would it be that, as an individual, you look at it from a different perspective and that you get a different result? You get the gift of receiving un-conditional love because you gave it to yourself first? Now there’s a thought…..


So many people ask us about ‘love’ and they ask the ‘How’ question - how do I do, have, be ‘love’? All of our teachings on ‘love and life’ are available today; in fact just a click or two away. By investing in the most important person in the world, yourself, you can read, listen or watch us in action, educating yourself to be and live as the real you, the loving soul that you are. You can learn to become the gift of love, how to share you with others in a unique and special way that will bring you gifts in abundance…







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Tony and Nicky teach about living life in the red and the green.  Most people won’t know what that means but let me assure you that I now live my life in the green and would recommend it to everyone!


Doug Young (London)


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