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Article No. 5  

If the Woman holds the ‘Power’

We see this, day in and day out, if the woman holds the ‘Power’ in the relationship, no matter how subtly, the relationship is likely to fail.


Nicki and I both live with passion in our lives and share it in abundance with each other. Our belief is that this is possible for everyone.


So if you really want to get the passion back in your relationship, firstly you need to understand and know that ‘it’s not your fault’. Women are not to blame. In fact, one of my favourite sayings is that ‘men must go first’. The challenge is, ‘will you as a woman let him’?


So, is it the case that men have lost, or given up, their power? Or that woman got stronger, took over the power and stopped trusting men? Well the truth is that it doesn’t matter. The question is - What does a woman do to give the power back and feel safe and feel that she can trust a man?


The truth is that this ‘change’ is likely to take time, patience, practice and commitment.


The key to success is handing back the power and letting him be the man in the relationship. So, I hear you ask, how do I do that? Well, Nicki and I have created a range of products especially for women in a relationship. These give you the choice as to whether you read about or listen or watch your solutions - as we share the ‘How’ with you. We feel sure that if you give the time, you practice, and you have patience and commitment.... magic will return to your intimate relationship.






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Tony and Nicky teach about living life in the red and the green.  Most people won’t know what that means but let me assure you that I now live my life in the green and would recommend it to everyone!


Doug Young (London)


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