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Article No. 7  

Seducing Women

So, come on, own up, is that what you are doing? Trying to seduce women into having sex with you? Have you done it in the past? Or are you looking to learn how to do it?


Well, if I’m absolutely honest, I have been there and done that, and quite successfully if I can boast a little, my bed had many notches in it! The thing is that having lived like that for years, I found I was always left searching for my next prey; it was like sex was on my mind all the time. All I seemed to want was to have sex and when I had had sex I wanted more sex; and if I could not get it there was always the world of pornography and/or loose women. It was like a treadmill and there seemed no way off it; it was like an addiction, an addiction that left me totally unfulfilled, confused and somewhat emotionally drained; I was exhausted as it was also a secret life; I was, like many men, in a relationship at the same time.


Then, like magic, I found the solution. I found a way out, a way that made me feel fantastic about myself every day. I began to live a new type of life, a life beyond seduction, a life full of what I now see as the opposite to sex, a life full of love. What really blew me away was that I have never had to ‘try to get sex’ since. Women have been drawn to me to ‘share my love with them’, but firstly I had to learn the secret.


So what is the secret to being able to ‘make love’ whenever you want to and feel fantastic about yourself every day?


Well I often describe it as there being more than one of you in your body; like your Jekyll and Hyde parts. All you have to do is learn to let the ‘Real You’ out… So what does that mean? Well, the reality is that, through social programming you have learned a whole bunch of rules, strategies and beliefs that in turn have given you ‘A Model of Life’. You have an opinion of how life should be, which in turn makes you act the way you do. The challenge is that for most of us, this model leaves us not living the life we want to live. Think of it like this, on a scale of 0 to 10 how happy are you with your life right now? 0 would be its total crap and 10 would be it’s totally amazing, the best it can be… So come on where are you on the scale right now? Well, chances are very few of you will be at a 10 and one of the key reasons for this for men is their perennial discontent with their sex life…


Nicki and I have written books, made downloads and DVD’s and committed the rest of our lives to helping those men that really want to experience life beyond seduction. We want to help men live in a world where magic really can happen for them. It is said that less than 4% of the people on the planet really understand how to live the life that they want. Would you like to become one of them? You would be committing to a journey where you could have new and amazing experiences sexually. All you have to do is educate yourself with new tools and strategies so that the ‘Real You’ really starts to experience life the way you were designed to experience it, happy and fulfilled and at a 10.






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Tony and Nicky teach about living life in the red and the green.  Most people won’t know what that means but let me assure you that I now live my life in the green and would recommend it to everyone!


Doug Young (London)


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