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“Discover The 7 BIG RELATIONSHIP MISTAKES Most Men & Women

Are Making And How YOU Can Avoid Them!”

       In This Report You Will Learn...


• Why you shouldn’t listen to most so-called ‘agony aunts’...

• Proven strategies to attract the opposite sex including your partner

• Why everything you’ve been taught about relationships is WRONG!

• Why the media has given us a distorted view of ‘attractiveness’

• Why 1 MILLION people are getting divorced EVERy YEAR!

• The NUMBER 1 reason way relationship breakdown...




Tony and Nicky teach about living life in the red and the green.  Most people won’t know what that means but let me assure you that I now live my life in the green and would recommend it to everyone!


Doug Young (London)


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This is probably one of the most controversial reports ever to hit the public domain - giving YOU the hard-hitting truth about what causes most relationships to fail and how YOU can avoid it happening to you and create the

Ultimate Intimate Relationship.


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