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To Avoid Break-up & Divorce - To Stop Arguments - To Understand Your Partner - To Find Lost Passion

The Program includes, Immersion Time Together and 24/7 Mentoring


The program is designed to deliver you both the tools and strategies that can guarantee that you can live once again in a fulfilling loving intimate relationship. The time frame required for guaranteed success is around a year. This timescale, whilst not obligatory, ensures that you have the most appropriate, ongoing, individual support needed and the help of Tony & Nicki 24/7. The secret to success is not to just get the information but to live and integrate that information into your lives more than 90% of the time. Patience and commitment to the outcome is a prerequisite of your success whilst you learn, understand and integrate the changes necessary to experience the love you desire in your life.


The service consist of one – to – one personal time for you both with Tony & Nicki set at suitable times for all parties and at mutually agreed intervals and venues. In order to begin this process and to create a partnership of trust between Tony & Nicki and you as a couple the program starts with an initial 3 day face to face session at one of our personally selected 5* luxury and internationally renowned hotels. All you need to do is choose your preferred location and a date convenient to you both. We will then take care of everything! We will handle all travel arrangements, accommodation and private airport transfers. In fact, every last detail will be taken care of so that you arrive at your first meeting relaxed and rested.


At this session Tony & Nicki will assess you challenges and share with you their foundational philosophy. You will both leave with clarity and understanding of the path to a loving fulfilling relationship. This initial session is also designed to help us all make a decision, at the end of our time together, as to whether or not we are wishing to work together for the forthcoming year.


The full contract will, if agreed, operate from that date forward for one calendar year. The year program is designed to be as flexible as possible, so there is no fixed procedure. The outcome is to have face to face meetings as often and for as long as are deemed necessary in order to ensure that the key fundamentals for success are fully integrated into your daily lives. In addition Tony & Nicki believe that 24/7 mentoring through phone, e-mail or instant messenger will provide the certainty and support that is critical in guaranteeing the achievement of your outcomes.


If you choose to go ahead with the initial 3 day session please contact us with your chosen location for a full cost profile. We will also then forward you the contract and terms and conditions for full year long Platinum Mentoring for your perusal. If you choose to move forward with Tony & Nicki you will be able to sign the contract at the end of the initial meeting so that things can move forward immediately to ensure that you quickly get the best results possible.

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