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It is said that intimate relationships bring us the greatest joy in our lifetime as well as our greatest challenges. Interestingly, success in this area of life has nothing to do with intelligence or wealth! So why is it so many people fail to find the love and connection they search for in their intimate life? The easy answers are a lack of education and a lack of understanding of our own needs or those of the opposite sex. Simply put, we don't have a formula that works in this area of life which often leaves us in massive pain, struggling to share intimate love with our partner.


The truth is that without this little known information couples either suffer quietly, often for many years, in the pain of not experiencing the magic of the love and intimacy they yearn for. Many seek gratification outside of the relationship in the vain hope that this will help them feel love only to find they weave another web of pain and torment. For many the pain becomes so intense that starting over and making a trip to the divorce lawyer seems somehow less painful than staying. Many leave their relationship in the hope of finding a new partner. Sadly, without the education and understanding many, once again, fail to succeed.


There is no need for you to suffer any more. All the help you need is finally available through Tony & Nicki Vee's "Platinum Intimate Relationship Mentoring". Their discreet, private and fully confidential service ensures you will receive the personal attention of the world's most formative intimate relationship experts, two people who have mastered this area of life themselves. The program includes immersion sessions as well as a full 24/7 mentoring program guaranteeing that you will fully understand what has gone wrong in the past and how to make it work in the future.