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Tony & Nicki recommend a minimum of 3 full day sessions and a travelling plan that enables you to arrive and depart relaxed and rested. You can select a hotel from one of these below or one that has a special importance to your relationship. Tony & Nicki are flexible and will travel to any venue you select and will organise all the travel arraignments for all concerned. Please fill in the application below and we will contact you to make an appointment where we can discuss your personal needs and get started as quickly as you require.


(On receite of your application and your having selected your preferred venue we will send you a full cost profile for the 3 day session).

The platinum mentoring programme is based around a year’s support delivered directly to you both by Nicki & Tony. After our initial face to face 3 day session we will compile a yearlong programme to meet and fit with your needs to ensure you get your desired outcomes within your relationship.


(You will be asked to meet all travelling costs, accommodation, meals and session cost for the 3 day session and going forward,  depending on how many session days are requested during the year, costs will be similarly attributed and will include 24/7 mentoring and support).

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